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“Balticus Advocatus“ consults physical and legal persons on legal questions, performs documentary legal evaluation, makes drafting of legal documents, represents client interests in business deals, in state executive and local government institutions, in social and non-governmental organizations, in law enforcement and law and order institutions and courts
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Introduction to the society
Balticus Advocatus


Professional Law Partnership A.Marcinkevičius & Partners "MK&P" was established on March 15th 2005 (from June 10th 2005 Professional Law Partnership name is "Balticus Advocatus")

Now four attorneys at law and three qualify lawyers are working in the Professional Law Partnership A.Marcinkevi├Ęius & Partners "Balticus Advocatus”. Great emphasis is laid on continuous qualification perfection in the special professional seminars and conferences.

Each little change in legal acts and its impact on the client’s rights and interests are thoroughly observed by Partnership attorneys at law and lawyers. Each lawful legal measure and method is always tapped to ensure client interests protection and legal defense. Professional attendance is the bases of the qualified service of Partnership.

Clients and legal community appreciate Professional Law Partnership universal legal services quality.

The Professional Law Partnership A.Marcinkevičius & Partners “Balticus Advocatus“ consults local and foreign natural and legal persons and their organizations and non-governmental organizations. Partnership represents their interests in business deals, in various institutions of local government, state government, law enforcement, law and order, law protection institutions and courts.

Partnership attorneys at law and lawyers are often invited to consult by European Union Parliament, Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania members, State and local authorities. Professional Law Partnership pursues commission on preparing legal acts drafting and evaluation.

The Professional Law Partnership A.Marcinkevičius & Partners "Balticus Advocatus“ constantly renders legal help for non-governmental organizations and professional parnerships. It renders legal consultations and helps in drafting legal documents. Represents their interests in institutions of state government, local government, and legal institutions.

The Partnership successfully develops professional contacts among the attorneys at law, law advisers and lawyers of USA, France, Hispania, Germany, Poland, Macedonia, Great Britain, Austria, Lithuania and other states.

Every client is a client of the entire Professional Law Partnership A.Marcinkevičius & Partners "Balticus Advocatus” and not of a separate attorney at law or lawyer.

Law Partnership A.Marcinkevičius & Partners "Balticus Advocatus” office at Naugarduko g. 34, second floor in Vilnius.

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